Saturday, May 18, 2019


Your backyard is huge! And it doesn't matter the size of your boat, we all share this massive area and share in the same community.

Everyone says hello on the dock coming and going. There is usually talk of weather.

In one's galley, everything is in arm's reach, you realize how little you need to cook a gourmet meal.

When you buy a piece of clothing another one in your closet needs to go to make room.

When deciding to fix something--- I have to remember there will be 2 more projects involved that one didn't realize. Beware when taking apart something!

When you smell something really bad, assume the worst and be prepared to put a face mask on and probably those disposable gloves that you have handy.

All's men's bathing suits come in different sizes, unfortunately the speedo is on someone that has had it for 20 years and really should not be wearing it anymore!

I have discovered that I really really love our ice maker! Other boaters seen to too.

Be prepared to help other boaters with their boat problems. What goes around come around in the boating community. Our portable generator helped three boats this year.

We discovered the first year we need to have a few one and five dollar bills for handy tip money all the time.

Saltwater is our enemy! It does not dry. Everything has to be rinsed with fresh water before entering the boat. 

Be prepared to pull anchor if you don't like your neighbours. No need to tell them you don't like their music or whatever.

I need to be agile when going down to the engine room to remove batteries or  clean up !@#$ from our vacuflush that is not working (Toilet part). 

I discovered that polarized sunglasses work better when boating! And do not lean over the boat when they are not secure on your head! Never buy expensive ones, just have a few around, the salt doesn't like the hinges!

Amazon is a personal friend of ours!

We have discovered to NOT shop at West Marine for boat supplies, find another supplier if you can. 

We have been blessed to have friends that can handle us for a week and stay on the boat. 

We have discovered to not share or publish our favourite anchorages, we realize that when we go to these places there are others there now hmmmmm! We are very selective and we ask those we share with to not tell anyone else! Hahaha.

I have discovered what boat hair means.

We have discovered that we are living a dream and this is our reality! 

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