Saturday, May 18, 2019


Your backyard is huge! And it doesn't matter the size of your boat, we all share this massive area and share in the same community.

Everyone says hello on the dock coming and going. There is usually talk of weather.

In one's galley, everything is in arm's reach, you realize how little you need to cook a gourmet meal.

When you buy a piece of clothing another one in your closet needs to go to make room.

When deciding to fix something--- I have to remember there will be 2 more projects involved that one didn't realize. Beware when taking apart something!

When you smell something really bad, assume the worst and be prepared to put a face mask on and probably those disposable gloves that you have handy.

All's men's bathing suits come in different sizes, unfortunately the speedo is on someone that has had it for 20 years and really should not be wearing it anymore!

I have discovered that I really really love our ice maker! Other boaters seen to too.

Be prepared to help other boaters with their boat problems. What goes around come around in the boating community. Our portable generator helped three boats this year.

We discovered the first year we need to have a few one and five dollar bills for handy tip money all the time.

Saltwater is our enemy! It does not dry. Everything has to be rinsed with fresh water before entering the boat. 

Be prepared to pull anchor if you don't like your neighbours. No need to tell them you don't like their music or whatever.

I need to be agile when going down to the engine room to remove batteries or  clean up !@#$ from our vacuflush that is not working (Toilet part). 

I discovered that polarized sunglasses work better when boating! And do not lean over the boat when they are not secure on your head! Never buy expensive ones, just have a few around, the salt doesn't like the hinges!

Amazon is a personal friend of ours!

We have discovered to NOT shop at West Marine for boat supplies, find another supplier if you can. 

We have been blessed to have friends that can handle us for a week and stay on the boat. 

We have discovered to not share or publish our favourite anchorages, we realize that when we go to these places there are others there now hmmmmm! We are very selective and we ask those we share with to not tell anyone else! Hahaha.

I have discovered what boat hair means.

We have discovered that we are living a dream and this is our reality! 

Friday, May 10, 2019


We sure enjoyed our 8 nights "stuck" in Bimini waiting to cross the Gulf Stream. We met a few fishermen and below was given to us. It is mangrove snapper. It is now in the freezer waiting to be eaten, we were given Mahi Mahi the same night so ate that! We love our boat friends and neighbours that share!

There are some ferries that run from our marina in Bimini to Ocean Cay, a resort that is being built. This cute ferry has an outhouse on it! Same colour as boat. It arrives in morning and leaves late afternoon. 

While in Bimini, we went out for 3 lunches (so rare). Sharkies at Bimini Big Game Club was our favourite! Fresh food on the barbeque!

This is our sixth time in Bahamas and every time we walked the beach we took a right turn, this time we took a left turn and lo and behold..... tons of sea glass! I decided to paint them and maybe one day I will be talented enough to make jewelry! Stay tuned!

We waited until a perfect day to cross the Gulf Stream from Bimini to Lake Worth, Florida, too many times we try to cross and then come back. The weather was perfect and the wind and waves.... until we entered Lake Worth Inlet.... thunder, lightening and rain and more rain! It was terrible. We had our radar but we could not go to Riveria Municipal Marina until weather stopped. We hovered and maneuvered around the big turning basin there. This inlet is large because there are cruise ships that leave from area. We did get docked but the thunder was on top of us and super loud!

After we land in the USA we have to get a cruising permit for our boat at Customs and Immigration close to Riveria Marina. When we got up in the morning there was a huge yacht on fire at Cracker Boy Boatyard next to marina, needless to say there was alot of action. There were helicopters, firetrucks and media! The customs building is next door to the boatyard, when we arrived the office building was shut down. We just cruised up to Vero Beach and got one at the Fort Pierce airport the next day. 

We are at our home dock and preparing the boat for hurricane season before we drive home.


Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Did you know..... is a post on this blog that some might find interesting.

Did you know that this is our 6th time travelling to the Exumas? We did it twice on our power cat Coyaba. (there is a link to this blog on the right). The last 4 times has been on Time Out.

Did you know that we usually travel 8 knots.... if we decide to go faster and travel at 10 knots, we use double the fuel, if we go 18 knots, it is 4 times the fuel. 

We have a water maker on board. It turns the salt water into fresh water! We have to run the generator to use it. If you buy water in Bahamas, it will cost 75 cents per gallon and sometimes it is not good quality water.

Did you know that we have 2 freezers and 2 fridges? One freezer can be turned into a fridge later if we need it. 

We have a washing machine on board! And a dryer (same machine), but the high speed dryer is the clothesline!

Did you know that if you use a Credit Card down here, they will charge you an extra 5%? We bring cash! Big city like Nassau may not charge the extra 5%.

The U.S. dollar is the same as a Bahamian dollar in value. 

A bag of nacho chips or Ripple chips will cost $7+ so we bring all chips and other provisions with us.

There is a VAT (value added tax) on EVERYTHING in Bahamas, 12%. This is new in last couple of years. 

There are boats here that are flagged from many countries. There are many from Canada.

Conch is a very popular food here. There are the shells everywhere. But, they are over fished right now.

Boats our size have to pay $300 to cruise here which includes our fishing licenses.

We have satellite t.v. on board, every time we move the boat we can turn our tv on and it finds all our channels.

We are in Bimini now at a marina waiting to cross the Gulf Stream. The weather and winds are not in our favour. 

On our way out of Nassau, this beautiful Norwegian Cruise Liner was there with this painted on the side.

On our way to Bimini we anchored on The Banks, 40 miles from any land all by ourselves. We travelled through some light rain and then the above rainbow showed up. We could see both ends, we motored right under it. So cool.

This funnel cloud was not where we were travelling, we saw a few on our way to Bimini. 

a lover of the sea, someone who loves the sea, ocean

Thursday, April 18, 2019


In boating we try to remember it is never "goodbye", it is just see you later and safe travels.

We enjoyed the Exumas this year with company onboard for 5 nights of fun, friends and food! Then we reconnected for a few days with another boat from Canada. We enjoy the company of Sheldon and Cyndi from C-Shel.

Our last stop in the Exumas is our favourite! Norman's Cay, from beaches, mangroves, coral reefs and the great weather, it is an awesome place.

Our friends Susie and Steven gave me a Henna Kit! What fun that was and still remains. Will keep the Henna product in the fridge to do another design later. Maybe do the back of Paul's head? ;-)

When we left Staniel Cay (with C-Shel), we researched the weather from many websites and the seas were only 1 foot out in the open waters.... so a decision was made lets fish for Mahi Mahi on our way to Norman's Cay. Yipee! After about half an hour, those 1 foot seas turned to 3 or 4 foot seas, there was a major squall of weather and we have to turn into a cut to go on the inside on the Banks. This was NOT what we expected, so certain cupboards and miscellaneous boat parts were not tucked away safely! Moral is lock every cupboard and put everything away even if just a jaunt somewhere. So many boats travelling that day and had unexpected weather. The boat chatter on the VHF was busy. Visability was poor at times and we were relying on radar to see other boats. The above rain spout was just outside of Norman's Cay before we anchored safely there. 

We are heading to The Berry's, something new to see and post on our blog. Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 6, 2019


We had guests on board for 5 nights and took them to Exuma Land and Sea Park, the first land and sea park in the world. This park is absolutely beautiful on water and on land. 

Above is the view down to our boat in the mooring field. Time Out is the motoryacht on left of photo. We are standing on top of Boo Boo Hill, a great little hike and fantastic scenery!

We love this park and visit it every year. This year we signed up to be members. We will head up there again next week just the two of us. We like to snorkel there at low tide. We did put our underwater lights on and WOW! Night time brings out alot of different water  creatures. Amazing.

The Exuma Land and Sea Park was established back in 1960. This park is one of many run by the Bahamas National Trust (not government). There are 32 national parks in The Bahamas, over 2 million acres of tropical biodiversity. Boaters know the boundaries of these parks on their charts, there is zero fishing and no collecting of shells. Pathways are in place so people stay on the "trails". These parks are wonderful and we hope to visit more this year as we head out of Exumas to The Berry Islands.

Paul at Sampson Cay, low tide

Shannon at Sampson Cay

Wednesday, March 27, 2019


We are having fun here at Big Major's anchorage near Staniel Cay. We are paddle boarding, swimming and snorkeling along with using our drone.

This cool starfish I picked up while paddle boarding and brought back to the boat for some pictures. It was a heavy and big one!

This smaller, different type of starfish was found just near a beach. Someone else is holding this one while I take the photo. It's arms/legs moved fast and furious.

We snorkeled the Thunderball Grotto.... but NOT at slack tide. We found it challenging to get back to our dinghy. We rested while hanging on to a rock and this fan was below it. I took advantage to take a few cool shots of this huge purple fan. We will not go again unless it is slack tide. The tides are extra low and high and therefore they run out fast. 

While getting some produce in Staniel Cay, this plane had just arrived with a few passengers. 

This was a stormy evening a few night ago. The sky looked terrible but beautiful too. The storm never came to our boat. Whew! But some like all that fresh water to rinse off the salt.

Paul is the "navigator" of our drone. Some great shots and video. I have posted a video on previous post and on my Facebook page.

Notice all those solar panels up there! I am standing in the side doorway. It was beautiful, calm and low tide when Paul took off and landed on the flybridge. He did a great job. We got pictures of some friends' boats too. 

Image result for puffer fish bahamas

This is a puffer fish. I saw one swimming under our swim platform yesterday, too fast to take a photo. They are real cool fish. Not for eating!

Thursday, March 21, 2019


I am sending a link to drone footage that Paul edited down to 1 minute from 7. It was a calm day at Sampson Cay. Hope you like it.

Monday, March 18, 2019


We are anchored at Big Major's here near Staniel Cay and enjoying being close to civilization, beaches and the stores where we can buy produce. We spent $59 for the following as some may be interested:
3 avocados $3 each, 1 mango $5, green onions (7 in the pack) $3, 6pk of hot dog buns, 4 tomatos, 4 bananas, 1 3pk of romaine, 1 very small cabbage, 2 dozen eggs ($4.75 per), 1 red pepper, 1 pear, 1 small cucumber. Everything comes by boat, usually 3 times a month.

Staniel Cay Yacht Club rents out real cute cottages here on the water. The colours are so splendid.

The Pig Beach is a super popular tourist attraction now! This very large float plane landed near the beach. It probably came from Nassau or Georgetown. After the tourists visited and fed the pigs, a boat came to the beach to pick them up and take around the area. 

Tried a selfie even though I could not see my phone screen.

We leave the big boat Time Out anchored while we take the dinghy around on our "trips". Yesterday we packed a lunch and went to Little Pipe Creek, and Pipe Cay. This was timed according to the tides, because low tide is awesome! Pictures just don't capture the beauty.

This above homemade pizza is not uncommon on board but that picture shows the first time I have barbequed it! We were so worried but came out awesome! Now no more generator on when I need to put the oven on. Yipee!