Monday, January 14, 2019


Our new year began well as we only took 2 days to drive from our home to Vero Beach! (It is usually 3 days). It was a great drive, zero traffic and zero construction!

This is what we came to see

This is what we left behind in our back yard!

We are on floating docks here and loving the access to get on and off the boat. I had my left hip replaced and I can say everything went well and now back to boat life for us!

This is just one couch of leftover provisions from last year. Back to getting a major list organized and doing trips to the Walmart and grocery store.

We had to go and buy 2 small life jackets as our two grandchildren are going to visit us in Florida (along with their mom and her friend). It will be their first time to see our boat. Talk about excited.... they are too!

After they leave, we will get the final solar panels up and leave our dock for Key Biscayne, Florida where we will cross to Bimini. Let our next adventure begin!

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