Saturday, November 3, 2018


We were on a fixed dock and the finger was not every wide. I was getting on and off the boat through our side door but it was high. I need a new hip and it was tricky with a foot stool. We got an opportunity to move to the floating docks here and they are beautiful!! We thought it would be temporary while Paul washes and wax both sides of boat, but not! We are staying. Nice for me to get on and off from the dock to swim platform and I feel better if we host visitors on board.

On our way to the slip here in the marina, there was something sticking up almost out of water. It looked like a big stick. Well, look here, try to pull up an opened umbrella! There were three guys involved. This umbrella was full of barnacles, it was under the water for awhile. It probably came from a neighbouring pool on a windy day.

Paul waxing the boat on the side, shiny!

Cheese Paul.

Painting snowman on rocks, fun!
We are leaving Florida in less than a week. We will be happy to be with friends and family then back in January. I will have recovered from my hip surgery by then. I can't wait to swim, snorkel, paddleboard, walk and run if I have to. We will provision Time Out and leave for the Exuma Islands mid February. Our 2019 adventure will begin.

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