Friday, September 21, 2018


TIME OUT needs some attention and we did not want to wait until January. It is super hot down here at Suntex Marina here in Vero Beach but many projects are inside where we have the AC on full blast. I need a hip replacement so doing the projects now beforehand makes sense as we have the time.

Project 1

The cheap leather-like vinyl along the dash in the pilothouse needs replacing but we just could not figure out how to take off. Paul went under/inside the helm and took off all the screws. This boat was made in China so the small scale men there put this boat together, hence the small openings and weird placement of the screws. This vinyl would peel off and fall on the carpeting and is basically annoying and terrible to look at. It is now being replaced with quality leather-like vinyl. Yippee.

Paul's feet under the helm!

The ugly pieces are off!

Look at this corner, see what I mean about pieces falling off and just plain ugly.

More projects we have planned. This is our "diary" to look back at this all.

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