Saturday, June 9, 2018


We arrived in Bahamas on April 8 and we crossed the Gulf Stream back on June 7. We met so many great new boating friends.

We usually travel from Nassau to Chub Cay which is 5 hours then we do a 10 hour day next day. This time I was comfortable enough to anchor right on the Banks. Nothing there. Hours from land. We traveled a short distance from the route that boaters take and left all outside lights on along with the normal anchor light.

When you are out in the big waters you can come across these large "islands" of seaweed. These are food sources for birds on top and fish below. Then because of the various fish below there are Mahi Mahi! That is why the tuna towers are high up on the fishing boats. They are looking for birds and where there are birds.....Mahi Mahi.

We crossed the Gulf Stream with great weather until the last hour. Visibility was poor but we have charts, computer screen to see opening inlet into West Palm.

Dark skies. Not often we use the steering station in pilothouse but last hour we did.

The Intracoastal waterway from West Palm to Jupiter is beautiful. Lots of mcmansions and great landscaping.

Off to Vero Beach where Time Out will have a new home in the water for the season.

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