Saturday, June 16, 2018


This is the first time we are leaving our boat in the water for the hurricane season that is now until November. Before we prepare the extra steps needed; we do the usual "putting the boat away" stuff. We flushed and "pickled" the watermaker. We flushed the generator, both boat engines and the outboard motor. The top bimini is put away and all loose objects are gone off decks. We went and bought extra lines to secure this boat at the dock here at Vero Beach.

Top bimini is taken off and put away inside

We bought this product to place on the inside of all the windows to block out the fierce sunlight that shines in right through our curtains. Our air conditioner will not be on when we are away. Just a dehumidifier and a couple of fans.

Example of one window with the Reflectix stuff on

Lots of this stuff around the boat while Paul measures twice and cuts once to fit the windows.

We ordered our new lines at and had delivered to the nearest store. We have 16 lines on our boat to the docks and piles. We want to sleep well when the first hurricane come through Vero!

We used our bridle too as extra security.

We travel to Ontario! I will post on blog one more time in the upcoming week. It is the one I like titled By The Numbers. It is a recap of our winter. Check in here late summer if want as we may come down for a week or two.

We bought a laptop so this post is the first using the new computer and great keyboard. I love it and much better than that small phone.

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