Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Both props were taken off by a diver on Monday. One is bad! They are at the "prop hospital" to get fixed right now. We hope by tomorrow afternoon both will be back on and we leave the dock. 

The pictures above are of the same prop. The other had no damage but went for a check up anyway.

While at the dock, and full 50 feet of dock, we put a sunscreen on the outside of the windows. Starboard side only as no dock on the port side. It blocks out significant sun and heat. We are leaving later in the year and the Exumas will be hotter. We will do the port side another day when an opportunity arises. We notice such a difference. We can still see out which I did not want to jeopardize.

We bought a real insulated cooler that is comparable to a Yeti Cooler but the fraction of the price. Paul saw on Youtube that this cooler holds ice just as long but only $45 compared to $200 for a Yeti.

We rented a car from Enterprise and because they were late picking us up at the marina, they upgraded us to a Hemi Dodge Charger! We got a "charge" out of that. We had to run errands for a day. Vroom, Vroom, very loud and very powerful. 

Having fun with my crystal ball taking pictures, the above one is the outboard on the dinghy.

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Vicki & Doug said...

Wow, prop looks bad but car looks great!! Hope you get going soon. Safe travels.