Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Last Wednesday we went to Atlantis to pick up friends and journeyed to the Exumas. We had a wonderful week full of fun and laughter along with blue everywhere and good weather.

Looking out the window at Staniel Cay Yacht Club restaurant

On Staniel Cay and looking out into the anchorage nearby

Sampson Cay, low tide. Beautiful!

Feeding and petting the nurse sharks at Staniel Cay Yacht Club

A rare selfie of me at Sampson Cay.

Paul dressed as a pirate!

Different shades of blues, so pretty

Our pilothouse is hot and stuffy and we have said if only we could scoop the air into this area of the boat. We already have a store bought scoop for our window in our stateroom. We bought a panel of black curtain and our friend sewed this up for us. We have an extra hockey stick on board and slid the curtain through it. The stick is sitting in a fishing rod holder. This works so nicely and "scoops", redirects the air into our pilothouse. 

Paul and I bought a radio for the boat but the existing one's hole was too big for this smaller one. We had an unused cutting board. So, we put our friends to work again. Paul and our friend got out the jigsaw and sandpaper and created a great 'back plate" to cover the existing hole and put new radio in place. Handy people on board. Boating is not always swimming, we have some chores to complete.

Our laptop is working again after a good full charge on a different plug.

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