Sunday, April 1, 2018


BOATER'S BEWARE of Mile Marker 1070.5 on Intracoastal Waterway near Sheridan St. Bridge, near Hollywood, Florida. Yikes, we hit bottom INSIDE the channel at red marker 38! Not good at all. The sound of us hitting rock (couldn't be soft sand, noooo) was terrible. Needless to say we had to think fast as the current was strong. Paul used the bow thrusters to help get us off as the reverse wasn's moving the boat and probably doing more damage to the prop(s). 

Since the Hurricanes the marinas are packed with boats from the Florida Keys, it is very hard to find a slip down here and after all it is Easter weekend and Passover. We slowly got to Turnberry Marina here in Adventura. Spending big marina fees now waiting for a diver to come on Monday. We are praying it is only 1 prop and he will take it off to get repaired. We thought we might have to have the boat lifted out of the water but a local captain on a boat here suggested this diver to come. Thank goodness for local captains. We are not from here and trying to find good people/marinas/lifts in the area was difficult. 

I know people are wondering where we are ..... I can tell you where we are not... Bimini. We had a weather window Saturday and could not take it. We were so close too. 

I am experimenting with my photosphere ball. See below some cool pictures. I put them on Facebook and Instagram too.

Sun Rise Fort Worth, the day ended badly!

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