Saturday, April 7, 2018


We finally left Aventura, Fl after a week. We were a barge for awhile because no props on. The props and diver came on Thursday afternoon and we left Friday morning!

Just a few more bridges to go under or wait for an opening to get through Miami and now anchored here in Key Biscayne. We are full of fuel and crossing the Gulf Stream tomorrow. The waves will actually get better later in the day so no rush to hurry in morning. Should take us about 6 hours to cross.

You see billboards while driving, you see flying airplanes advertising Geico down here and now this! A moving big screen both sides that constantly changes. Advertising different stuff.

We dropped the dinghy and travelled to the sand bar here. The dolphins were out everywhere!

Miami Skyline

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Vicki said...

Glad you are finally on your way. Hope the crossing goes well.