Sunday, April 29, 2018


Laptop not working. So trying on my phone once again.
We dropped off friends at Staniel Cay airport in good time and see the runway is fenced off and they are using a building to check in whereas before a golf cart came with a weigh scale and checked you in at the shaded sundeck.
We helped a motor boat get off a sandbar on our way from dock as we were leaving. Then it was our turn for help. We were almost to the cut into Big Major's when our engine on dinghy stopped. We had to get the paddles out pronto as the current is strong. We got as close to shore as possible and got to a nearby beach. Paul got out the VHF handheld (don't drive dinghy without it) and asked if anyone in Big Major's could swing by and tow us to our boat. A nice tender came along and towed us. Turns out the engine was not taking the water needed to cool it. Paul ordered part needed 10am Wednesday and by Thursday afternoon it was in Staniel Cay by Watermaker Air! Now, how do we get it. Turns out that a family with four children on board next to us was heading to Staniel to also get a part. They got the part for us in exchange we gave them a bottle of wine and 4 packages of chocolate raisins! We were grateful and they too!
Yesterday we towed someone through the cut ourselves. 

Paul getting water pump on

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Last Wednesday we went to Atlantis to pick up friends and journeyed to the Exumas. We had a wonderful week full of fun and laughter along with blue everywhere and good weather.

Looking out the window at Staniel Cay Yacht Club restaurant

On Staniel Cay and looking out into the anchorage nearby

Sampson Cay, low tide. Beautiful!

Feeding and petting the nurse sharks at Staniel Cay Yacht Club

A rare selfie of me at Sampson Cay.

Paul dressed as a pirate!

Different shades of blues, so pretty

Our pilothouse is hot and stuffy and we have said if only we could scoop the air into this area of the boat. We already have a store bought scoop for our window in our stateroom. We bought a panel of black curtain and our friend sewed this up for us. We have an extra hockey stick on board and slid the curtain through it. The stick is sitting in a fishing rod holder. This works so nicely and "scoops", redirects the air into our pilothouse. 

Paul and I bought a radio for the boat but the existing one's hole was too big for this smaller one. We had an unused cutting board. So, we put our friends to work again. Paul and our friend got out the jigsaw and sandpaper and created a great 'back plate" to cover the existing hole and put new radio in place. Handy people on board. Boating is not always swimming, we have some chores to complete.

Our laptop is working again after a good full charge on a different plug.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Hanging at Rose Island for a few days. We just picked up friends here at Nassau. We will travel to Exumas with them tomorrow.

Unfortunately our laptop is not working so I did this post on my phone. Hope this turns out.

Thursday, April 12, 2018


We checked in at Customs as per usual in Bimini and then travelled to Chub Cay. Our longest, boring day of 10 hours. About 2 hours before Chub Cay we avoided a small rain storm but the big one was to come! We could not avoid the second one.

The big yellow blob is the storm!

Paul wanted a picture of this cloud formation. Look closely do you see a swan-like bird on the right with maybe a monster with its mouth open behind it? Maybe even a fire breathing monster?

After leaving Chub Cay we travelled the Tongue of the Ocean to Nassau. It is over 10,000 feet deep! Good journey to Nassau, stopped for diesel then headed to our usual anchorage at Rose Island. Just before we arrived to Rose we see there is a huuuuge water spout right where we plan to anchor. We got some good pictures and video that I posted on Facebook and Instagram. While we waited for that to pass, another huge storm arrived. Paul was steering and adjusting the boat because the waves picked up.  All good now. We are anchored here. 

We did try to leave for Norman's Cay in the Exumas this morning but too rough, so will enjoy it here for a few days.

Saturday, April 7, 2018


We finally left Aventura, Fl after a week. We were a barge for awhile because no props on. The props and diver came on Thursday afternoon and we left Friday morning!

Just a few more bridges to go under or wait for an opening to get through Miami and now anchored here in Key Biscayne. We are full of fuel and crossing the Gulf Stream tomorrow. The waves will actually get better later in the day so no rush to hurry in morning. Should take us about 6 hours to cross.

You see billboards while driving, you see flying airplanes advertising Geico down here and now this! A moving big screen both sides that constantly changes. Advertising different stuff.

We dropped the dinghy and travelled to the sand bar here. The dolphins were out everywhere!

Miami Skyline

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Both props were taken off by a diver on Monday. One is bad! They are at the "prop hospital" to get fixed right now. We hope by tomorrow afternoon both will be back on and we leave the dock. 

The pictures above are of the same prop. The other had no damage but went for a check up anyway.

While at the dock, and full 50 feet of dock, we put a sunscreen on the outside of the windows. Starboard side only as no dock on the port side. It blocks out significant sun and heat. We are leaving later in the year and the Exumas will be hotter. We will do the port side another day when an opportunity arises. We notice such a difference. We can still see out which I did not want to jeopardize.

We bought a real insulated cooler that is comparable to a Yeti Cooler but the fraction of the price. Paul saw on Youtube that this cooler holds ice just as long but only $45 compared to $200 for a Yeti.

We rented a car from Enterprise and because they were late picking us up at the marina, they upgraded us to a Hemi Dodge Charger! We got a "charge" out of that. We had to run errands for a day. Vroom, Vroom, very loud and very powerful. 

Having fun with my crystal ball taking pictures, the above one is the outboard on the dinghy.

Sunday, April 1, 2018


BOATER'S BEWARE of Mile Marker 1070.5 on Intracoastal Waterway near Sheridan St. Bridge, near Hollywood, Florida. Yikes, we hit bottom INSIDE the channel at red marker 38! Not good at all. The sound of us hitting rock (couldn't be soft sand, noooo) was terrible. Needless to say we had to think fast as the current was strong. Paul used the bow thrusters to help get us off as the reverse wasn's moving the boat and probably doing more damage to the prop(s). 

Since the Hurricanes the marinas are packed with boats from the Florida Keys, it is very hard to find a slip down here and after all it is Easter weekend and Passover. We slowly got to Turnberry Marina here in Adventura. Spending big marina fees now waiting for a diver to come on Monday. We are praying it is only 1 prop and he will take it off to get repaired. We thought we might have to have the boat lifted out of the water but a local captain on a boat here suggested this diver to come. Thank goodness for local captains. We are not from here and trying to find good people/marinas/lifts in the area was difficult. 

I know people are wondering where we are ..... I can tell you where we are not... Bimini. We had a weather window Saturday and could not take it. We were so close too. 

I am experimenting with my photosphere ball. See below some cool pictures. I put them on Facebook and Instagram too.

Sun Rise Fort Worth, the day ended badly!

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