Tuesday, March 13, 2018


A sound bar comes in handy when hearing the plot line is an issue! We had to venture to Sam's Club to buy the Mini Moos (mini creams for coffee and Brandy Alexander), kleenix, feta cheese, shrimp and the big container of fancy nuts plus the oil needed to do an oil change on engines. We knew we needed a sound bar and knew 3" is all we had .... and lo and behold there is the one we need. Paul installed it and he can test it with a movie soon.

Sounds fantastic when the music channels are playing!

Perfect fit! Great handy man that installed it.

These are two of the three couches that are packed with our 10 weeks of provisions. Just to fill the freezer (Sam's Club shrimp are there already) and fill our fridges. ETE (not ETA).... we nicknamed our Estimated Time Escaping! Yes, Florida is great but when you know how wonderful the Bahamas are you start getting excited like a kid! ETE is not this weekend but next weekend. Yippee.

We flew home for a medical appointment and a funeral, so our date of departure got delayed.

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Vicki said...

Safe travels. Looking forward to some white sand and blue water pictures!!