Friday, January 12, 2018


These 3 above photos are the BEFORE. They were worn out, cheap material and extremely sticky. We had to sit on towels and I avoided touching the couches with bare skin. We went and got all the couches recovered. They turned out so much better than we anticipated. So pleased with Covergirls in Stuart, Florida. 

This is what is looks like inside once all pieces on board (before it rains here). A giant jigsaw puzzle. There is only so much room to put everything and assemble the backs of the couches to the bottoms then the cushions to the correct couch. Lots of fun and humid! No more sitting on lawn chairs for the past week!

AFTER wow!

Now we can have visitors and no need to explain about this sticky furniture on board. Bring on the guests!!

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Vicki & Doug said...

Looks great!!