Sunday, December 10, 2017


Summers in Florida can darken some places! Mold can take over quickly. We had covered the dinghy but let room for air to get in, however not enough air. Heat, moisture and sun are bad combinations. it looked hopeless but we were optimistic to get it back looking half decent.


Look at the seats!

After some hard labour!

Under seats! Before
After, the seats look pretty good.
Bleach, water and other special cleansers helped clean every nook and cranny up. NO MORE COVERING UP THE DINGHY! That is the take-a-way here. We took that cover and put it in the storage unit!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Paul's new board but actually for both of us. It can hold 700 lbs, we can go tandem if we want.

A little snail on the dock ladder. I was careful not to step on him.

We travelled to Fort Lauderdale today and met with some friends that we boat with down in the Exumas. They too are getting ready to leave. They will be leaving very soon, in a week or two. We had to pick up a toilet seat for our master bathroom. All we needed were the hinges but a no can do! We had to buy the whole seat. Oh well!

We got quotes for a new Bimini up top in the fly bridge, a quote to reupholster the furniture and now one air conditioner is not working (guest bedroom). AND Paul's car down here is failing us when it comes to the air conditioner in it! It is a 50/50 determination if it will work or not. That will be gone in 2018! This car of his is giving hints that it wants to leave us. It is not great to be in Florida without air conditioning, that is non-negotiable.

Only a few more days here then off to friends and family for Christmas.

Saturday, December 2, 2017


This is me trying to see where the anchor would be dropping (or bringing it up) with the foot pedals quite a distance away from the bow pulpit. There is an "up" pedal and a "down" one. 

But look what Paul has gotten for me! A remote. I can lean over and not have to stretch my legs way back to the pedals. I will look so professional at the bow when doing the anchoring.

A funny story at the grocery store. An older gentleman asked me in the cheese aisle if I knew which of all these cheeses is the American Cheese. I said "yikes" you are asking a Canadian. I won't be of much help but I told him I think it is cheddar cheese slices or something like that. You will have to ask an American that comes along. I have learned since that day that Velveeta is American Cheese and yes some come in cheese slices. I just remember at Subway when making a sub down here they will ask if you want American Cheese on it, which I have never put on a subway sub yet. I guess I preferred the Swiss or Cheddar.