Sunday, October 29, 2017


We have started another boat season which begins by working on the boat before it splashes into the water! We had to replace 500 lbs of batteries and let me tell you, they are super heavy to handle. These were down in the engine room inside a box. Each one weighs a lot and each one has to be dragged from the engine room through to the lazarette up to the cockpit. From the cockpit to the swim platform, from there down to the ground to the trunk of the car (and some on floor in backseat). Once they are in the car we drive to Sam's Club to return them there and replace with 8 new ones. Then same procedure over again. The new batteries are working great.

This year we went to Vistaprint and paid a whopping $7 for 500 boat cards. The front is the picture of Time Out and the back is our information. We had these out to other boaters or anyone that may be interested in our blog. Most boaters have a card of some sort. Remember names and boat names is something many boaters can't do when you meet so many in one season.

What you have a puppy? Whey do we have puppy pee pads on board? If one ever shops at a boat store or an auto shop and see those pads that soak up diesel, oil or grease, you will notice they are about $1 a pad!! We being budget minded boaters can use the pee pads or we actually have extra large diapers on board also.

We will be getting the bottom of our boat painted before it goes back into the water. We will update here on the blog for boat and travel related events in the upcoming weeks.

"My escape is to just get in a boat and disappear on the water." - Carl Hiaasen