Friday, November 25, 2016


We are flying home tomorrow and to cold temperatures that require socks, shoes and coats! But last night was a beauty!

Paul worked away on the front of boat polishing and waxing!

Hang on tight there!! Very awkward place to work, Paul rigged up a rope tied to the helm chair in flybridge to hang on to. I supervised and pass stuff to him (and took a picture or two).

We will enjoy our Christmas with our children and grandchildren. Enjoy your Christmas and may Santa be good to you all,

Monday, November 21, 2016


Paul is a busy "Captain" compounding and waxing the boat. We have a lot of fiberglass on our boat, inside the back cockpit and bow plus outside on the hull and then not to mention the flybridge (okay, I mentioned it).

The huge moon last week caused high tides but not normal high tides, the super kind!! So I took a picture of our side dock basically under water. This is what we step on to get to the our car in the parking lot.

The title of this post is wax, water and wine. At the end of our day we have a glass of wine with dinner! Because a meal without wine is called Breakfast!

Saturday, November 12, 2016


Our boat started almost at the very end, way way down there. It was out of the water since May. We like to be strapped down for hurricane season. The hurricane Matthew hit us but not hard, no damage.

Paul walking behind the lift. Hot, sunny day here in Stuart, Florida. In May Paul burnt the top of his head, I reminded him and hence he is wearing a hat our son gave him. It was a very hot day in May putting the boat "away" for summer.

The engines started, the first mate had the lines ready, the horn did not have a wasp nest in it like last year and the bow thruster is working great! All set to head to our marina half a mile away. We are in a marina here in Florida and enjoying the sunshine, friends and boat. Let another season begin!!