Thursday, March 31, 2016


Hello everyone! Our laptop from 2009 went and died. It was a senior citizen in computer life. We were hoping to get through this trip but not to happen. Am doing this post on my tiny Samsung phone and insert photos at end through Paul's phone.

We enjoyed Staniel Cay then travelled to Blackpoint for an overnight. We hosted two couples for turkey dinner ....Easter was early.  We had a 9lb Butterball turkey in freezer, cooked up well in convection microwave. We had a delicious dessert too! And of course great company.

We then travelled south to Musha Cay area. David Copperfied owns the islands around there. He sunk a stainless steel piano and we went snorkeling on it. Took many pics is cool! The fish are swimming all over the keyboard. There is a beautiful mermaid next to the piano stool. We also saw Goat Island owned by Tim McGraw and wife Faith Hill..................WOW!

New friends of ours brought diiner to us on our boat. Pork tenderloin!

Sunday, March 20, 2016


We are anchored between Little Major's and Big Major's at Staniel Cay, Exuma to get out of the wind and waves. Calm and peaceful now between a few sailors and some motoryachts in the back.

Friday, March 18, 2016


With any boat we are waiting for something to break or go wrong. We arrived in Bahamas March 1st, so we made it 2 weeks before something broke! Our fridge door hinge on the top just poof, collapsed! Paul tried and tried to fix it that day, went online, had our Subzero fridge books out, everything. While he was sleeping I believe "McGyver" spoke to him and gave him a temporary solution. It is not perfect but our fridge door is usable for the rest of our season. (the younger generation, may have to look up McGyver, the famous t.v. character that we all watch fix things).

The water was so calm, just like glass that paddle boarding was such a pleasure. I could see barracudas, big rays, colourful fish along with all the beautiful coral.

Our anchor chain was literally just sitting on the sand, no wind or current to pull it tight, lots of ripples in the sand from our chain moving now and then.

Where is the horizon and the water?

We went outside to the ocean side of Norman's Cay to do some fishing, but after one hour, no luck, oh well.

High speed boats travel all the way from Nassau to Norman's Cay, probably 40 minutes or so. Two big ones came in to the beautiful sandbar north of the island. It was a coincidence we arrived at the same time.

Monday, March 14, 2016


We left Staniel Cay yesterday and enjoyed a wonderful journey to Hawksbill Cay and now today we are at Norman's Cay. The windy weather left and the calm waters have arrived! Many boaters left to journey somewhere, many actually heading north back to Florida.

Norman's Cay

This I call my Sand dollar Beach. Am able to collect many here at low tide
Our boat is in the background, just to the right (Hawksbill Cay)

Hawksbill Cay, thank goodness I am wearing a cap on my head.
The sun was super hot yesterday

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Piper Cay, low tide, beautiful

Piper Cay

Paul up on our flybridge looking down, my paddleboard is there
Yes, no railing.

Our view behind us. Sunset is beautiful.

This is port side of our boat these days, zoomed in though

The "pig beach" is across the way. Tourists come from everywhere to look, feed or take pictures

Just started a new book!
Just "chillaxing" up on the flybridge with our new table.
High winds today, we tried to dinghy to Staniel Cay Yacht Club today but the waves were too rough. We turned back and stopped at Pig Beach to take pics. We will go Staniel tomorrow for a lunch out and get provisions. The "mail boat" came in with lots of romaine, tomatoes etc. Every 4 weeks this boat comes in 3 times with supplies. All kinds of dinghy's will attempt to go to Staniel tomorrow for provisioning.

We have met many Canadians down here. There are many here in the anchorage. Our flags are flying everywhere. We are well represented down here.

Google Corn Hole Toss Game..... this game is on the beach, will blog about that next time!

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Blues, flowers, water, sand, pina colada, Kalik beer, good friends! Need I say more?

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


This sun is setting and still over one hour to go before we anchor at Chub Cay. Every boater just hates to anchor at night. However, we have anchored here many times before but in the dark? NO.

We left on Monday morning bright and early from Key Biscayne to Bimini. The Gulf was wonderful and a great passage. After walking to the Bahama Telephone (BTC) Office, it had closed at 4:30pm and reopens at 9:30am. We want that SIM card for Paul's phone, data and internet, yippee. At 9:30am Paul was there, 2nd in line. I was at the "grocery store", take that lightly and then bakery. I came out with 2 big apples, 3 small romaine, 1 iceberg and 12 eggs for a $18 US bill. I has super happy though! I felt I won a small jackpot! You have to remember just finding lettuce is a feat in itself. No tomatoes though! Then a fresh baked loaf of bread for $4. We hadn't had real bread for a couple of weeks. We have an omelete every single morning! Yes, good, but was looking forward to toast with peanut butter!

We left 10am from Bimini to Chub Cay, a super crossing on the Bahama Banks, even the Tongue of Ocean was great! However, of all the nights to have no moon (I mean it went to a different planet!) it had to be when Shannon and Paul decide to anchor in the dark with this boat for the first time. Stars are of no help, and sailboats have their anchor light on top of their mast which is a disguise for a star. I have a headlight on my forehead and Paul is looking at his charts. Four eyes is sometimes not better than the chart. We managed but will avoid this at all cost. We knew in advance and were prepared.

We are now anchored outside of Nassau at Rose Island. The water is 79 F or 26C, I paddle boarded and got my legs and core a workout. Haven't boarded since last year. My legs were shaking.

Off to Norman's Cay tomorrow for 2 nights. This island is one of our favourites! Sand dollars and beautiful white sand.

Our internet is like the speed of lightning here in a small outpost off of Nassau, our boys at home would be jealous! So, will post some interesting pics.

Paul at Hurricane Harbor, Key Biscayne

Hurricane Harbor sun setting , beautiful
Paul is "grinning", the sun in his eyes