Saturday, February 28, 2015

BASRA (Bahama Air Sea Rescue Assoc)

We said a sad farewell to son and girlfriend then went to boat and celebrated (just KIDDING). We missed them right away, the boat was so quiet. Here is James the day before celebrating with Irish Feckin Whiskey!

Yes, indeed that is James with his Dad's toupee! Does he look happy?

We rescued this baby starfish! Wow, I've only seen the large ones.

On Tuesday, BASRA was boarding all boats in the anchorage. They inspect your boat, ask about weapons, check our permits ($300 per boat for 6 months) and see passports. All routine but exciting to have one of their big boats come alongside our boat. I had to give a tour of our boat to a gentleman, yes even James's and April's room. MESSY! He laughed when I said this is the kid's room, they are on vacation from Canada!

When we dropped off James and April I walked to the yellow house which is the local bakery. Rhonda makes great bread but it being only 9ish her bread was not ready. Paul met me on the beach with the dinghy. On my walk I took this beauty of a picture. The water was so calm on Tues and Wed. Just still.

Flamingo Air is the small (6, 9 or 12 seater) from Staniel Cay to Nassau. "Scheduled" departure is just a guideline. We know from experience. If the plane arrives at 8:30 am and is ready to take off, IT DOES!!! We arrive at the air strip at 8ish for a 9:20 am departure because of this and good thing. Their Flamingo Flight left at 8:50 am. I always feel sorry for the "newbies" that don't know this and miss the flight. 

I bought a book written by Bill Casselman titled CANADIAN SAYINGS, so I thought in the next few posts I would share one. The book is devoted to categories. Because Paul is bald, this one I thought I would share,

"The shiny area isn't baldness. That's the solar panel on a sex machine."

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


When you are a boater (anywhere), you listen, read and analyze the weather. If uncomfortable for more than one night then we recommend going to a marina (or in this case an Outpost). We determined we needed to go to Compass Bay Marina for a couple of nights. This island is private and has numerous hiking trails (Johnny Depp been there, has an island nearby), great shell collecting and $15 hamburgers (no side dish).

Turns out James and girlfriend April loved it. Lots of jogging trails (yes, these young people bring their workout gear with them). They loved feeding and yes,.... petting the nurse sharks there!!

Yes, James's toes!!

To make it look like these nurse sharks are tame... they name them!! hahahahahah, yes, they are pretty tame. April petted them and said they are like a little dog.

Hey, don't you just love this sign? I posted here on the blog because I knew you would all love it.

There is no HOME DEPOT  like we know it at Compass Cay, but check this,

This is a sample of the scenery we saw here at Compass.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


I love James reflective sunglasses! I need to do it onshore as we were travelling in the dinghy and the camera got wonky so you don't see April and me very well.

Happy couple! Sampson Cay, low tide. Even found a starfish.

No, we saved it, didn't eat it.

Low tide, awesome!

We are now at a Compass Cay Marina waiting for the high winds to blow away. Lots of hiking and other boaters here doing the same.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


The Spring Breakers are here!! After a flight cancellation, bus ride to Montreal, flight to Newark and a fast sprint to their next flight to Nassau! James said he was sweating so much from the tight connection. But all worth it! Look at their faces. Snow to sand and blue waters.

Snorkeling at the Thunderball Grotto. Better than shoveling snow and driving in Ottawa!

Our cheap Hammock Chair from Amazon! Hanging from the davit up above. It swings and is fun with feet in the water. (oh, sometimes a cocktail in one hand).

There were many boats "parked" at a nearby beach at Big Major's here at Staniel Cay. Some boaters are musicians so we had "Music on the Beach" on Sunday morning including some gospel. It was such fun and met some other boaters from other countries, even one from Denmark. This picture gives you an idea of all the tenders that came in for the music. We had a great barbeque after with salads and such. We left early to go pick up James and April at the Staniel Cay airport (well, really it is just a runway).

Heading to Compass Cay Marina tomorrow, some high winds coming. We have never been so all four of us will see new sights, including 13 fantastic beaches.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Staniel Cay Yacht Club renovated their dining room, so all new for us. All those dinghys you see are here for lunch, bar or shopping. Ours is the one on the very far right. Had conch sandwich and Paul had the Mahi Mahi sandwich. Mmmmmm good .........but what a view. Had to share.

"Lunch without wine is called breakfast"

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Now, as a Canadian, stormy could mean many things. However, stormy weather in the Exumas here in the Bahamas is something else. It is not freezing rain, not snow, no shoveling involved. It means pulling anchor and getting tucked in behind an island as the west winds pound the air and water. For two nights we were anchored along with 11 sailboats at North Gaulin Cay, near Big Majors, Staniel Cay. There is only so much room for so many (few) boats. Others found other anchorages. When a boater knows the weather is coming, up goes the anchors and positioning and re-anchoring takes place. We arrived at our anchorage with 2 other sailboats early Monday morning. As the day worsened other boats arrived and we all hope the other boat has their anchor set well. The winds howling, water splashing on swim platforms, and pounding of waves on the hull. I mean not the lull of waves... pounding, like someone is knocking on your door all night. Our VHF Radio was on and waiting for chit chat of activity.

This morning at 9am we moved back to Big Major's anchorage to get a good spot as the winds slowly died down today. Today, the lull of water on the hull is not pounding, just a whisper of a knock. A good night's sleep is to be had by all here. No socializing at the beach this afternoon, everyone was tired and calling it an early night.

Last night's sunset happened so quickly but look at this cool picture of me looking forward from our side door on port side,

22 minutes... that is how long it took to upload this one picture on blog. Hmmmmm dial-up? No... just here in the out islands of the Bahamas.

We were the only motoryacht in this anchorage.... see all the sailboats. Which is fine with us. We just thought it was funny. I had to go ashore to walk, sit and read. Enough rolling already!! This was my view from the beach yesterday afternoon.

When the winds blow.... do laundry!! The wind became a fast acting dryer.

Off we went into Staniel Cay today to the grocery store because the Captain C boat came in. This boat brings everything to this island once a week from a washing machine to a tree (yes, saw two on dock today) to lettuce and bread. We have our son and girlfriend coming on Sunday so it was super important to get our lettuce, zucchini and other produce. We are ready!!

"A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor"

Thursday, February 5, 2015


We left the Exuma Park by heading out in the big water (ocean!). After we had left the no fishing zone, two lines went into the water.Less than 1 hour later Paul is down getting a drink and pow! Yells to Dave up in the flybridge to sloooooow down, we have a fish. HOW MANY PEOPLE DOES IT TAKE TO CATCH A MAHI MAHI (well on our boat Time Out) ? I laughed as it took all four of us working as a team to bring in a 10lb Mahi Mahi. Dave was the driver, Traci is the one with the gaff in her hand, Paul is the one reeling the line slowly in. And my job... very important, the photographer! Traci helped reel in sometimes when that Mahi Mahi was tiring out Paul's arm.

Look at those colours!
As soon as Mahi Mahi is out of the water, it loses many of it's colours.


It took about 30 minutes to reel the fish in. Very hard work. We did not take it out of the fish holder mounted on the back railing. Dave and Paul, very proud!

Let's get started for the filleting. We are eating Mahi Mahi steaks tonight.... with butter! Bring on the good stuff. Yummy!

This is just one of many "mega-yachts" we passed. We just found out that Johnny Depp just got married and it so happens he has an island here nearby.... Hall's Pond. Reception for the wedding is happening this weekend so maybe all these yachts are owned by "stars". Notice the helicopter up top. A whole other world with crew members.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


We've made it! After buying the boat in August, getting it cruiser ready, provisioning... we are now here! Yes, I know the journey is part of the fun, but being actually here (Norman's Cay) is awesome.

We picked up guests in Nassau and now venturing through the Exumas.

We are on a mooring at the Exuma Land and Sea Park. Life is very good.

Oooh... this is so heavy! Makes for a kewl picture though.

Walked up to Boo Boo Hill and took this one. Our boat is not in the picture.

At the top of Boo Boo Hill was a small creature that was not too afraid. I spilled water from my water bottle and yikes... this creature was darn thirsty. Loved my water (or a foot fetish?).

View this afternoon