Tuesday, October 23, 2018


We are enjoying our "marina life" here in Vero Beach, Florida. We are meeting many nice people here at marina and the various homeowners. We are doing a few odd jobs while on boat. The big one will be to get a frame made to go on top of our bimini up in the flybridge. This frame will hold the solar panels. We are waiting for a second quote right now. 

We have our air conditioning running full time and as a result our sea strainers have to be cleaned weekly (by Paul). 
The water is so brackish here and not nice! Mind you the dolphins and the manatees don't care!

Even a neighbourhood turtle doesn't care when there are crustaceans to eat off of our hull. 

We never anchor in the dark! WRONG. Two years ago we went into Chub Cay, Bahamas in the dark and what are the odds that there was no moon? There was no moon! Plus it was raining that night. There were so many sailboats anchored with their dim anchor lights on up on their mast..... which I absolutely hate because these lights look like stars. Our big spotlight at bow was not working properly at that time and since that time. Paul is fixing it now and the small teeny light bulb is $65 that we need. Yikes. Plus he is checking all the wiring because there are two bulbs and one burnt out bulb should not cause the light to malfunction.

Our dinghy is on the flybridge and Paul had fun installing cute blue lights on the stern. 
These will look so cool when our dinghy goes in the water and the water is clear.

This great idea of sand and shells was in a lobby of Kimpton Hotel here in Vero. I was invited out for a lunch there with three others. Unfortunately, we ate inside instead of on the water on the ocean side. There was the Red Tide that arrived and this is a terrible problem in Florida that causes respiratory problems along with death of marine life. I will let you look that up. The Red Tide lasted about 10 days here in Vero but not at our marina.

This is a beautiful sunset we saw last week. We are so lucky! 

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


The Quick Lift up in the flybridge is great IF it is working. We wanted to lower the dinghy and go for a ride on Sunday but a NO GO! The darn Quick Lift was acting up and not performing so the dinghy is stuck up there which is actually better than being stuck in the brackish water here in Vero. Sometimes it is working and sometimes it is not. An expert will need to be called... a major decision!

We bought this boat in 2014 with the original carpeting and we do not like this carpet. Every stain shows up and it needs vacuuming more than once a week, the carpet fibers are floating in the air everywhere! We went to a carpet place to look at samples and bring some back to the boat. Now the big decision (and the big expense) ... WHICH ONE? All the carpeting will be replaced.

Between these two samples
Last Exuma excursion was later than normal and the breeze in the pilothouse was not good, especially dinner time. So we have made a decision to install a fan in a corner. This will also help when we actually decide to drive from the helm here. It gets so muggy.

Paul has opened the panel to see where the power can come from and we have a couple of "spares" on the panel so now just to do the work and decide where to place this fan. Our company that comes and plays cards with us will be so happy and cooler! Yippee.

As you can see it is not all play and no work..... or I mean all work and no play? We balance it all out as there is a nice refreshing pool here at the marina to cool off in at end of day.

Painted a starfish from Vancouver Island that was getting old and yellowish as it was collected in 2005!