Saturday, June 2, 2018


We are hanging in Nassau at a marina because our props had a big fight with a coral head on north side of Rose Island. We saw the coral and backed up in time but unfortunately it was a windy morning and our boat blew on another! Bring out a few thousand to get props fixed. They may get put back on today. I will post pictures of before and after. 

Very expensive chips here. A friend bought these.

Our view from our bow in marina one day.
Lots of rain this season

A grocery store across street has these for sale.

This pantry corn is from Thailand. Packaged in November and good until next November. It was delicious.

Went under Paradise bridge to eat lunch at one of 30 huts. Conch salad and fried conch and fries. Mmmmm

We want to cross Gulf and put boat away in Vero Beach and enjoy summer with family and friends.

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