Sunday, May 6, 2018


Okay, I am finished trying to get this old laptop to work and just post from this phone of mine. It has been super windy with rain showers on and off all week. Last night while sleeping winds and waves came in and it was super rough. Just very uncomfortable. I came up to lock the cupboards as I thought some may actually open. Today is going to be an excellent day weather wise and the next few. We have guests arriving Thursday. 

When raining I paint!

After it rains, always a rainbow of colours!

Can't get tired of the beautiful sunsets

Meatballs going into a Crock-Pot after
We don't like to run the generator if we don't need to. We have electric stove so if I want to cook for just a short time bring out our Butane burner. Cook out in the cockpit so inside doesn't get hot. Previous years we would start the generator so I could cook/boil/fry something. 

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