Sunday, April 29, 2018


Laptop not working. So trying on my phone once again.
We dropped off friends at Staniel Cay airport in good time and see the runway is fenced off and they are using a building to check in whereas before a golf cart came with a weigh scale and checked you in at the shaded sundeck.
We helped a motor boat get off a sandbar on our way from dock as we were leaving. Then it was our turn for help. We were almost to the cut into Big Major's when our engine on dinghy stopped. We had to get the paddles out pronto as the current is strong. We got as close to shore as possible and got to a nearby beach. Paul got out the VHF handheld (don't drive dinghy without it) and asked if anyone in Big Major's could swing by and tow us to our boat. A nice tender came along and towed us. Turns out the engine was not taking the water needed to cool it. Paul ordered part needed 10am Wednesday and by Thursday afternoon it was in Staniel Cay by Watermaker Air! Now, how do we get it. Turns out that a family with four children on board next to us was heading to Staniel to also get a part. They got the part for us in exchange we gave them a bottle of wine and 4 packages of chocolate raisins! We were grateful and they too!
Yesterday we towed someone through the cut ourselves. 

Paul getting water pump on

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