Saturday, March 17, 2018


While I have been doing Walmart trips back and forth Paul has been wiring up the solar panels. I helped just a small bit helping to feed the wire down from the fly bridge to the engine room through a loom in the travel lift. Now the solars are wired and Paul is testing one today!

Our mini fridge in the fly bridge just died a few days ago. Replacing it with the 12 volt one we want is $1,000! But at Lowes a normal plug-in fridge was $116.00. Paul drove there today and brought it to the boat. It is plugged in and has the beer and water in it. He has estimated that one solar panel can run that fridge. It is very energy efficient.

We wish it was a little bigger but I said at $116.00 if we find another one in a couple of years, no big deal, someone can have this one! I can now resume going to Walmart and start buying the fridge stuff! Every square inch of this fridge will be full the day we Escape Florida for the Bahamas. I will post a picture then.

Soon, this blog will have pictures of blue waters, dolphins, Paul and I in swimsuits and a big smile on our faces! Yes, there are swimming pigs at Staniel Cay, Exuma, I will post pictures of that too. We are getting excited.

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Roxanne Mussulman said...

Wish I were your stow away! Rox