Monday, February 19, 2018


We did not go to the Exumas, Bahamas last year so I have zero notes to refer to, however a good boater I am! I saved all previous notes. The inside of these couches are empty (ish) right now but in the next 2 to 3 weeks, they will be logged and jammed pack! Let my Walmart adventure begin!!

I have these two couches that you see, plus another one and under our master stateroom bed. Plus I fill up one shower stall.

Under the helm station in the pilothouse is usually a great big green garbage bag full of chips and munchies. 

One week before we leave I will finalize the provisioning by filling up the 2 freezers and the 2 fridges right to the maximum! The below picture demonstrates my great organizational skills. All these notes are great reference points. I totally understand them all and will base our 8 - 10 weeks of 
provisions needed on these notes.

The ladder leading down to our swim platform. The last step is suppose to be under water most of the time, hence all the barnacles clinging desperately to that step. The tides have been very low later in the day and a nuisance getting on and off the boat. (Flip Flops not the greatest, especially when one falls in this brackish water)

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