Saturday, December 2, 2017


This is me trying to see where the anchor would be dropping (or bringing it up) with the foot pedals quite a distance away from the bow pulpit. There is an "up" pedal and a "down" one. 

But look what Paul has gotten for me! A remote. I can lean over and not have to stretch my legs way back to the pedals. I will look so professional at the bow when doing the anchoring.

A funny story at the grocery store. An older gentleman asked me in the cheese aisle if I knew which of all these cheeses is the American Cheese. I said "yikes" you are asking a Canadian. I won't be of much help but I told him I think it is cheddar cheese slices or something like that. You will have to ask an American that comes along. I have learned since that day that Velveeta is American Cheese and yes some come in cheese slices. I just remember at Subway when making a sub down here they will ask if you want American Cheese on it, which I have never put on a subway sub yet. I guess I preferred the Swiss or Cheddar.

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