Saturday, November 25, 2017


The hot summer heat on the boat does damage inside and out. Our rolled up inflatable paddle board got a hole in it that is not fixable. I used it for four seasons and almost every day so it was loved and used often. Now that the boat is in the water we needed a new one. Paul ventured out to West Marine and got a very good Black Friday deal. Less than half price and got a paddle to go with it. Now how do you get a board (that is not an inflatable) to the boat?? There were no trucks to rent at the usual place we go to. Paul waited until he saw another customer arrive in a pick up truck. He was bold enough to ask if he wanted to make an extra $30 and drive this board to the marina for us. Turns out he would like to make that extra money. He was a police officer as it turns out. This morning was my first time this year going down the canals near this marina. I didn't see any manatee this time but hopefully next time.

I had to wear long sleeves because it was cool when I ventured out, but boy oh boy.... I was sweating on the way back!

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