Sunday, April 5, 2015


Air conditioner is on full blast 24/7, as we are in Sunset Bay Marina, Stuart! Welcome to hot and humid Florida. We have all these plans to hose down the boat, fresh-wash railings, clean the cooler, defrost outdoor fridge etc. ..... then blast, the heat has hit us hard. We only manage to do one or two outdoor jobs, the humidity and heat is too much! We walked about 3 miles to CubeSmart to get our car out of storage, that was exhausting in the heat as it was, I did indeed stop at a McDonald's and got a fountain drink. First one in months.

We checked in at Palm Beach at the Customs and Border Protection Office there. Yesterday, we travelled up the ICW to Stuart and forgot it was Easter weekend and super busy. .... CROWDED WATERWAY! Kayakers, paddleboarders, big boats, little boats, seadoos, super fast ones and the slow ones. And in Florida where there is a boat, you know there is beer. We had to be careful and wary of other boats. While in Riveria Beach Municipal Marina I took a few great pictures of boat names.

It is a good thing our journey is ending as my 2009 Lumix camera is acting up and will not take pictures when I press the button. The zoom is acting on its own too. Soooo, time for a 2015 camera!

We will be back in May to do some renovations on the swim platform and take Time Out out of the water for hurricane season. Will update blog at that time,


Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Nassau Harbour... you see 5 cruise ships right? Wrong there is a sixth one behind the one on the right. An extra long face dock to hold another ship of 2000 passengers. Imagine downtown Nassau yesterday!

Sunset last night at Chub Cay, calm waters where we anchored.

We travelled through Nassau and then the rough waters (The Tongue of the Ocean) yesterday!! Made it to Chub Cay for the night. Then today, the most beautiful day of travelling as it was a long one.... over 9 hours. Take a look at the blues here on the Bahama Banks.

Can you see the horizon? Me neither, that is why I took some fabulous pictures today. Will share some here. A rare sight when it is a travelling day. The water like glass, saw over 100 starfish, sharks, little fish!

Yes, there is the horizon at Paul's knees! We have autopilot, Paul can be at the bow with me. No boats in sight for hours.

We are leaving the Bahamas tomorrow and crossing the Gulf Stream. Back to "reality", hmmmmm. Back to driving, grocery stores, traffic and flying home.