Saturday, February 28, 2015

BASRA (Bahama Air Sea Rescue Assoc)

We said a sad farewell to son and girlfriend then went to boat and celebrated (just KIDDING). We missed them right away, the boat was so quiet. Here is James the day before celebrating with Irish Feckin Whiskey!

Yes, indeed that is James with his Dad's toupee! Does he look happy?

We rescued this baby starfish! Wow, I've only seen the large ones.

On Tuesday, BASRA was boarding all boats in the anchorage. They inspect your boat, ask about weapons, check our permits ($300 per boat for 6 months) and see passports. All routine but exciting to have one of their big boats come alongside our boat. I had to give a tour of our boat to a gentleman, yes even James's and April's room. MESSY! He laughed when I said this is the kid's room, they are on vacation from Canada!

When we dropped off James and April I walked to the yellow house which is the local bakery. Rhonda makes great bread but it being only 9ish her bread was not ready. Paul met me on the beach with the dinghy. On my walk I took this beauty of a picture. The water was so calm on Tues and Wed. Just still.

Flamingo Air is the small (6, 9 or 12 seater) from Staniel Cay to Nassau. "Scheduled" departure is just a guideline. We know from experience. If the plane arrives at 8:30 am and is ready to take off, IT DOES!!! We arrive at the air strip at 8ish for a 9:20 am departure because of this and good thing. Their Flamingo Flight left at 8:50 am. I always feel sorry for the "newbies" that don't know this and miss the flight. 

I bought a book written by Bill Casselman titled CANADIAN SAYINGS, so I thought in the next few posts I would share one. The book is devoted to categories. Because Paul is bald, this one I thought I would share,

"The shiny area isn't baldness. That's the solar panel on a sex machine."

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