Saturday, January 10, 2015


Our new inflatable was delivered to a nearby marina in a crate. This marina had proper equipment to lift it off the truck. Paul went over to inflate it and put our new 30hp motor on. It is a great dinghy. All boaters need their "taxi" to get ashore when anchored somewhere.

Friends on Daruma, Dave and Traci drove us to Caloosa Island Marina (Marco Island area). This way we can drive our inflatable to our marina here in Naples. It took us 2 hours out in the Gulf. We did see dolphins and manatee on our way into our marina. It will be a much better ride when we have a seat! I sat at the bow most of the way.

Paul and Dave, taken from our flybridge

At the fish cleaning station at Caloosa Island Marina there was an interesting "supervisor" there. I bet he is there every day!

We are days away from leaving this marina and heading south down to the Florida Keys, then await for the perfect crossing to Bimini, Bahamas. That means we have only a few days left to provision. We are left with the freezer and fridge stuff. We must fill up the leftover empty spaces with beer and wine. The Kalik Beer in Bahamas is $65 per case of 24 bottles in the Exumas, maybe $55 in Nassau.

This couch is one of a few. It is loaded with necessities. I have a log book as to which couch has which items. Everything from toilet paper to shampoo to tomato soup. A logbook will exist for the beer and wine etc. Many nooks and crannies to fill up. If there are square inches left over.... there may be room to put another box of wine there. A boater's nightmare is running out of beer and wine (that is what I've heard, has never happened to us).

This is our brand new freezer/fridge. We will start out on our journey with it being a freezer. I fill it with beef and pork and some more beef. We are able to buy chicken in Nassau. I do start out with some but we buy many steaks and pork loin roasts here in Florida. This will be our third time going so I feel I know what I am doing this round.

The Spiced Rum you see was $20 at Walmart! Yes, in the USA, alcohol is not taxed!

A blowup fender is the way to go! This heavy duty one took just minutes to blow up (with battery and pump). When not in use, we deflate and put away. All boaters love this kind of equipment.

I know it has been cold up north and here it got so cool look what I had to put on!

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